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How To Prevent School Shootings?

The alarming rise in school shooting incidents is nothing less than horror for parents and teachers. Every now and then, a violent attack at school makes news headlines and stirs an air of fear and fright. So we really need to understand how to prevent school shootings.

Although stopping incidents of such nature is a hot topic for debate, it’s time to look into the core reasons why they happen and how to prevent school shootings. Let’s discuss them briefly!

Create A Supportive School Environment:

According to various studies, one of the primary reasons that compel a student to do violence is the type of school environment they are exposed to frequently. Thus, creating a supportive close-knitted school environment can significantly help prevent school shootings or other traumatic events.

In a supportive surrounding:

  • There is good communication between students and the staff.
  • Students have a trust bond with fellows as well as school staff.
  • Constant interaction between school faculty and parents.
  • There are proper support, training, and resources for staff.

Upgrade School Safety and Security:

Negligence regarding inadequate physical security can lead to a high chance of mass school shootings. Students tend to feel safer when schools take security measures more seriously. Similarly, students with violent tendencies fear getting caught or not being able to escape.

A few effective security solutions for schools include:

  • Upgraded surveillance cameras.
  • Increased law enforcement.
  • Using metal detectors at school entry points.

Implement Violence Risk Assessments In Schools:

School shootings have a long history; researchers and law enforcement agencies came forward with risk assessments to control the likelihood of any violent attack by a young individual.

These assessments are done by a team of professionals, including mental health experts, counselors, and psychologists. Their joint efforts help determine the risk of violence in a young person. It can prove helpful in identifying and preventing potential shooters from acting on their impulsive thoughts.

Develop Approaches to Control Aggression:

The pattern of aggressive and violent behavior in young individuals often results from personal and environmental factors, such as impulsiveness, lack of empathy, exposure to violence, or victimization. 

With the help of this research, practical approaches are developed to prevent aggression. Moreover, the youth can be trained in better coping skills to manage stress and anger through such programs. And to provide treatment to those with extreme-violent tendencies.

VPS offers virtual tours for schools to ensure that first responders minimize response time.

Restrict Exposure to Violence Through Media Platforms:

Though this area is not taken seriously, media platforms can provoke young people by normalizing violence, physical assaults, and brutality. 

When children and adults are fed violent-based programs or video games, it can lead to a rise in hostility, aggression, emotional indifference to violence, and ultimately impulsive behavior. Thus, restricting their exposure to screen violence can significantly reduce the possibility of young ones participating in any violent incident. 

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