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School Virtual Tours

School virtual tours have become an important way to learn about school facility safety and emergency preparedness. The startling statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics (2017) demonstrate that school violence is a growing problem in America. Nearly 79% of public schools reported experiencing at least one act of violence in the 2015-2016 school year, a total of 1.4 million crimes annually over 10 years. 

school virtual tours

To address this pressing problem, virtual tours of schools are a terrific way to guarantee the security and safety of everyone at school before they arrive. From facility-specific tours to full tours, educational institutions can provide an extra layer of protection for their student body, staff members, and faculty. 

Keep reading below to learn more about these important initiatives and how they aid in maintaining safe environments on campus.

Exploring the Benefits of Virtual Tour 

Conducting school facility security assessments can be invaluable in protecting school communities. School virtual tours provide school administrators with a unique opportunity to identify potential risks and develop school safety plans to mitigate those risks. By examining the school’s facility security, school administrators can identify areas of vulnerability and create school safety protocols to prevent school violence and provide a safe learning environment. 

School virtual tours can also assess school evacuation routes and points of ingress. This can help school administrators create school security plans that are well-defined in the event of an emergency. Additionally, our products help school administrators understand the school layout and plan for school lockdown protocols. 

Finally, our programs provide school administrators with a chance to create a school safety culture. By utilizing school virtual tours, school administrators can understand how to foster an environment of respect and safety both within the school and beyond school grounds. 

How School Administrators Can Leverage VPS For their Emergency Preparedness 

VPS school virtual tours enable school administrators to maximize their school safety efforts. With VPS school virtual tours, school administrators can:

  • Identify key school safety components and create a school security plan tailored to the school’s unique needs. 
  • Equip school safety personnel with a comprehensive view of school security protocols. 
  • Utilize preparedness tours to generate targeted content for school safety training. 
  • Create school emergency plans to share with local police forces, emergency responders, and school safety personnel. 

Equipping Students & Parents with Emergency Preparedness: Unlocking the Potential of School Virtual Tours

By taking school tours, students, teachers, and parents can learn about the school’s resources and policies for emergency situations. We provide necessary information about school emergency plans, such as:

  • Where the closest exits are located in case of an emergency
  • What are school personnel responsible for during an emergency
  • How to react to different types of school emergencies
  • Information about school lockdowns
  • How school personnel are trained to handle emergency situations

Wrap Up!

Take the necessary steps to guarantee your students’ and faculty’s safety without delay with VPS school virtual tours. Our innovative, interactive tour plans allow you to prioritize security while creating a secure atmosphere on campus. Contact us now to find out how our solutions can benefit you!

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