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SubtitleVPS is dedicated to keeping schools safe.

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The Problem

The number of active shootings in the US has increased year over year since 2002. Local first responders lack the information and preparation to minimize harm and risk.
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The Solution

VPS has developed a virtual preparedness package that includes a detailed virtual tour of your school or facility. This enables local first responders to understand your building, hastening response times and saving lives.
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The VPS team has over 40 years of emergency preparedness experience. Our team is vetted, retired, and certified as public safety professionals.
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School shooting statistics from 2022
1 k
students experienced gun violence at school
people have been injured in school shootings
school shootings since 2018

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Contact us today to ensure the safety of your school, public facilities, religious facilities, convention center, or other large facility. The Virtual Preparedness Solutions team will help you understand your options and next steps.



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Our virtual concept focuses on identifying your facility’s key safety and tactical components to generate an emergency preparedness virtual tour. This tour will allow you, your team, and local first responders to view the facility, and understand details about each entry point, floorplan, and landscape.

Emergency planning utilizing virtual technology is an innovative concept that redefines tactical planning for emergency preparedness.


News & Updates

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